The noose tightens

I suspect that U.S. and allied forces must be closing in Saddam himself, given the cornering and destruction of his sons. No matter how reptilian Saddam may be personally, it’s hard to imagine him keeping his morale up after this, despite the apparent marginal success of the Stalingrad tactic (which Bill Safire recently all but blamed on liberals – is he becoming a crypto-Coulterite on issues of dissent and militarism?).
The Washington Post looks at the death of the two through the lens of the stock market: Dow Reverses Losses After Hearing News of Hussein’s Sons.
Raised by a monster to be monsters they died violently and took far too many others with them in their long descent toward Hell.
Decisive action, it feels like a relief after this creeping picking-off insurgency of the last few weeks. This brings me back to the remaining items on my litany of questions about the war on terror:

Where is Osama?
What’s happening in Afghanistan?
Has al Qaeda been neutralized?
Where is Saddam?
Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
Who lost them?
Who has them now?
How was this permitted to happen?
Why was risk of sabotage against the oil pipelines dealt with more forthrightly
than the risk of looting from a nuclear research sites?