The sore losers

People keep asking me what I think about this recall. I’ve never been a fan of Gray, Grey, Gumby, Eraserhead, Gravy Davy, or whatever else you may wish to call him, but I am uncomfortable with the growing willingness of the Republican Party to push at least to the limit of the letter of the law in the service of always winning, even going so far as to attempt to overturn or rewrite decisions that have gone against them.
I trace this at least to Clinton’s election back in the day when Republicans believed they had an electoral college “lock” and didn’t realize until too late that they were losing their Reagan Democrats and that Perot was giving them a halfway house and running interference for their return to their blue collar party roots.
Because he won in 1992 with only a popular vote plurality, right-wing zealots never fully accepted the legitimacy of Clinton’s presidency. This contributed in no small part to the no hold’s barred legal assault on him for eight years, starting ironically with savings & loans, a topic Dukakis gave the Bush family a pass on in 1988.
The tactics used in Florida in 2000, The Texas redistricting shenanigans this year, the recall effort, they all smell of a piece to me, the actions of a miltant, politically energized right-wing movement that may be on the verge of completely overstepping its bounds.