Time to learn a new thing

After a few half-assed attempts to make FOAF files and read up on the enthusiasts of this genre, I got lost in the thickets of RDF or otherwise distracted and waited for someone to build a nice interface ontop of these useful personal triplet schemas.
Looks like someone did.
Someones rather. So, the second I get a moment free (ha!) I’ll go back and start re-reading the documentation and the available wisdom, and reviewing the FOAF explorer site and other people’s uses of and extension for FOAF and try to get with the program.
We don’t need no stinkin’ Friendster!






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  1. Radio Free Blogistan Avatar

    What I can say

    Wasted literally over a hour this morning re-reading irritating threads that led in many ways to the nEcho project. When my blood pressure returns to normal, I may point to some of them just to remind people of how we got where we are now. Meanwhile, I…

  2. Ray Edwards Avatar
    Ray Edwards

    Nice looking blog… typepad looks slick. Will they be able to compete with Blogger? Maybe.