Transmigration of the memes

For a while I’ve been posting trendy idea-oids and “news of the weird”-type links-with-commentary to Meme List. This was meant to be a stake in the sand for a MemeWatch site where we’d do fun GoogleHack kind of tricks to track the rise and fall of phrases like “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” and so on. Naturally, most of these great half-baked ideas for collaborative webspaces have stayed on my drawing board and meanwhile I was just posting links like a million other goons.
Naturally, some of the posts got popular off the topics. We still get many posts to the Pete Townsend/Kurt Cobain thread and the one about Michael Jackson’s baby on the balcony. But along the way I was also posting to a category here in X-POLLEN called Memes, and those posts were essentially the same kind of schtick.
Now I’ve decided to turn the Meme List into a plain old link log that I can stick in the side bar of any of my sites at will. A running bookmark list with wry comments, as per the current trend.
In the meantime, I’ve imported all my old Meme List posts here into this journal. I may recategorize some of them when I get around to it, but it feels good to be consolidating like this and not having to keep track of endlessly spawing similar spaces. Using the domain for my link log seems like a good idea too.
One neat thing is that MT imported my pings and comments too, although the crazed fans who post about Cobain and Jackson and Townsend will end up posting over at the old well-Googled address unless I set up some redirects, and I might be axing all the old entries in the Meme List soon since they’re not formatted in the title/link/description structure that my link log will expect.