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Another parody from Denounce tacitly compares AOL Journals webloggers to spam, and over in the TypePad beta testing world a nascent community is born, unsure of its place in the pecking order, but pretty sure it’s above AOL and, from the sounds of it, Blogger as well. Verdict’s out from LiveJournal users but most of the commentary is positive so far from the users of TP. I don’t see as many Radio veterans posting there, at least not any that are making comparisons.
To really be part of any close-knit TypePad community, you’d probably have to commit now to making your TP blog the main focus of your online presence, and not just a plaything for short-lived purposes. That’s a problem for me, as I’m stretched too thing as it is and kind of attached to my own domain names.
As someone making extensive use of Movable Type, I can still see myself setting up a photoblog on a hosted TypePad site, if the price is right.