Unsubscribing from Wi-fi News

Wi-Fi Networking News is a great example of a journalistic niche blog. Glenn Fleishman rules his beat and proves the concept. He’s the go-to guy for all things wi-fi. If I were writing an article on wi-fi I’d start with his blog and then ask him questions before I went practically anywhere else.
But the site just generates too much information about wi-fi for me. It outspecs my level of interest or ability to digest. I need other people to filter this stuff for me. I already read BoingBoing Blog, for example, and Cory is fairly wi-fi obsessed, so I get a good overview there.
It’s weird to unsubscribe from a newsfeed because the source is too good!

Note: I’ve been fiddling with the basic RFB design although the site really needs a total overhaul. Poking around the home template (and the CSS file in the gems folder, http://radiofreeblogistan.com/gems/tabloid.css), I’ve removed nearly all the blogrolling.com javascript-driven blogrolls. Some of them will be parked on the appropriate category pages or on other sites. I’ll migrate any sites that seem missing over to my subscriptions (http://radiofreeblogistan.com/gems/mySubscriptions.opml), now listed on my home pages as my sources, since in this blog context that’s what they are.

Also, from a much older to-do item, I added a little who am I info to the main page, because I know sometimes people like to know who’s writing. I still hate the design, but that’ll keep.

Anyway, honoring an old suggestion, I’ll post something when I add to or subtract from my subscriptions, as an informal way of annotating the evolution of my weblog newsfeed subscriptions.