Weblogs.com ping-response messages

So, as I mentioned a while back, Textpattern reports on what happens when you ping Weblogs.com. Ordinarily, you see this message:

Article posted

Weblogs.com says: Thanks for the ping. We checked and found that the “x-ism” weblog has changed, so it will appear in changes.xml next time it is updated.

(The link, though, is rendered as raw HTML, as I gather that Textpattern either decodes or reencodes it.)

If you post again within five minutes, when your blog software tries to ping Weblogs.com again, the message changes. Again, Textpattern reports it this way:

Article posted

Weblogs.com says: Thanks for the ping, however we can only accept one ping every five minutes. It’s cool that you’re updating so often, however, if I may be so bold as to offer some advice—take a break, you’ll enjoy life more.

Cute, huh?