Weintraub showing bias

I’ve been following Daniel Weintraub’s excellent California Insider weblog recently, because he posts California Recall updates several times a day. His reportage is very good, but lately it seems to me that he’s been going easy on Schwarzenegger (bending over backward to be evenhanded, if you ask me) while lambasting Davis, Bustamante, and now Dean.
Not everyone in California thinks this recall is a triumph of direct democracy. Some of us are still smarting over how a billionnaire backbench Republican funded the “grassroots” signature-gathering required to put it on the ballot.
His characterization of Ward Connerly’s latest anti-affirmative action measure (Prop 54) as “well meaning” also seems to be, well, naïve.
It’s his weblog and he can editorialize how he wishes, but if he has biases, I’d rather he come out with them so we can judge his opinions through that filter.