What up with BlogShares?

For some reason RFB’s market cap and incoming/outgoing link tallies are frozen at March 20 levels over at BlogShares. On the other hand the share price is updated dynamically (and, gratifyingly, I suppose, has been on a pleasing upward curve lately).
One interesting thing is that the people who’ve acquired shares of RFB frequently belong to blogs that I don’t recognize, meaning they either haven’t linked to me or haven’t sent any traffic my way. It’s apparently another subset of my readership, so BS is doing me a service by helping me find more of my extended community.
Another thing is that in the last week or so I’ve received gifts of shares from three different people. Thanks! I gather this is a recently added feature? One improvement I could suggest is that the autogenerated email message announcing the gift should include a reply-to address for the giver. Otherwise, thanking people properly and individually requires navigating over to BS or to the giver’s site and looking for an email address. It’s not prohibitively difficult but it has stymied me in my usual overloaded email experience. Just a little user-interface improvement suggestion.
Another interesting factoid is that someone now owns more shares in RFB than I do. What does it all mean?