What's the word on C-Dilla?

A friend on one of my lists wrote:

…found some nasty stuff on C-Dilla – installed as a copy protection tool with Turbo Tax, seemed to cause some nasty stuff on my system running as a system service in Win2000. Searches on various forums turned up some news on it in game software with the claim that it’s used as spyware to document and send data ion music and copyrighted material downloads, and that it disables CD-R software from burning copy protected material or copying copyrighted disks…

Since it’s tax time I just installed TurboTax on my PC. I had used it on my Mac in the past, but I was having trouble downloading the software (or even ordering it) and I’m still chary of doing my return via the website, so I ran over to Emeryville to pick up a copy of the software at Circuit City, and naturally they only had the Windows version.
OK, I’ve got both machines and as long as I add a .tax extension to the data files from last year’s returns over on my Mac, everything should be hunky dory.
But a little poking around does show a hidden C-Dilla directory and I don’t remember reading anything about that when installing Turbotax, so I deleted it.
My friend also said

Claim is it installs to a hidden system sector on disks and is a pain or impossible to remove. About to reboot and see if that’s true and it persists and comes back. Sounds like it’s made by the folks who brought us Macrovision, the stuff that makes video get nasty when dubbed.

So, did I fail to delete it, I wonder? Or if it’s gone now and it’s used by Intuit for copy protection, will this inhibit my tax-filing?