Who's blogging Karl Rove?

I was just musing on how the right in this country has succeeded at presenting their views in the most poll-tested appealing ways possible, and still they are alienating more than half the population with their agenda items in many areas, especially outside of the multi-front effort against terrorism (which was thrust upon them). Even in that arena their relentless preference for the easy war against Saddam has not won high marks nationwide, though no doubt we will rally around our troops again when the decision is made and of course no one will spit on the veterans.
In the meantime, who watches the watchmen? Everyone seems to think that Karl Rove is W.’s brain (as Bill Kristol was once Quayle’s). Is there a blogger out there who is systematically watching Rove’s every movement and public utterance, every leak related to him, every profile or feature, every on-the-record statement by ex-administration people like DiIulio and Frum?
Maybe there already is a RoveWatch blog. I should be searching for that, I realize… OK, Google shows no blog called “RoveWatch.” There’s a placeholder GeoCities site by that name. A search for "karl rove" blog yields a bunch of snarky posts, rebuttals, and comments but no single blog devoted to dogging the heels of the man alternatively known to his boss as Boy Wonder and Turd Blossom.
Any ideolarians or seminarians or semiotarians willing to take on the job? If I had the time, and a clue, and a coherent left-wing oppositional philosophy I’d volunteer, so that rules me out. Humor is essential. Oliver Willis could do it. I’d nominate him as for Antirove, but my gut tells me he is already spread pretty thin (and not just from the lo-carb diet).
So, any takers?