xian's 115th dream

I think I can safely file this under “blogging too much lately.” I had one of those long, convoluted dreams last night, much of which I can still remember even as the internal dream logic has started to tatter. Near the end, I was in a motel room with Mark Pilgrim. We were discussing Shirky’s power law article and I was telling him that people were going to continue to cite his dramatic “success” (in terms of popularity in a relatively short time) as a counterexample to Clay’s point, even though it’s more complicated than that. We agreed that the fact that links (or probably any other currency of the net) would be distributed unequally among sites says nothing really about where any one individual site will end up on the power law curve.
Then Mark headed for the dresser and said, “Would you like to smoke?” I was taken aback, as I’ve read his many fascinating entries about addiction, and though I am not an abstainer myself, I said No, trying to impress him (and a little shocked about his flouting his public persona here in private).
Then I woke up.