A Virtuoso of Shameless Hypocrisy

Bush: U.S. Looking Into Whether Iran Involved In 9/11 Article [My italics]
The commission has found more al Qaeda contacts with Iran than with Iraq, officials said.
[But] White House spokesman Scott McClellan said there was “no evidence that there was any official involvement between Iran and the Sept. 11 attacks.”….
Bush noted McLaughlin had said “there was no direct connection between Iran and the attacks of Sept. 11.”
But what about ties? Were there any ties?
Bush Calls for ‘Honest and Fair’ Venezuela Recall Article
President Bush urged transparency…in an August recall referendum against Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez and backed calls for open access for observers monitoring the vote….
“The referendum must be conducted in an honest and open way,” Bush told reporters after meeting with Chilean President Ricardo Lagos.
How about a team of electoral monitors from Florida, if they can be spared?