According to MT-medic…

Mena has asked us to explain how we are using Movable Type so that Six Apart can understand the pricing issues some of us have (Six Log: How are you using the tool?).
First of all, I work in the publishing, media, and technology industries so I am used to paying for the software that I use to do my job and that I use to pursue my artwork and noncommercial creative efforts. I also don’t always keep a clear line between these things.
I’ve given $45 to Six Apart (I’ve also bought Radio three times and made a donation for Blogger Pro that netted me a cool hoodie). I always thought the $150 price for commercial installations was laughably cheap.
I’m not sure what I’m willing to pay a year to use an upgraded Movable Type, but I’d be most interested in an unlimited plan so that I can continue to freely spawn new blogs, websites, brands, domains, services, spontaneous logs, and so on without looking over my shoulder.
That’s a bottom-line feature for me.
According to MT-medic, on the Mediajunkie server I am currently hosting twenty-one weblogs (as used in the MT application’s nomenclature).
I manage most of these weblogs and have posting rights to most of them. Blog number one is called artsflow that will probably be folded into another one, called Telegraph, soon.
I run my link log with an entirely different data model and generally include it elsewhere with MT-RSSfeed or GlobalEntries.
I have a sandbox called Above the Fold for experimenting with designs, stylesheets, and other web development ideas, mostly unused at the moment.
I currently maintain my longrunning (on and off since 1997) online journal with MT at wake up!.
My writer’s notebook is called A Supposedly StaggeringInfinie Work of Heartbreaking Illumination I’ll Never Read.
I started this Radio Free Blogistan site on Radio and now run it with four other authors on MT.
I publish my political opinions at another group site, Edgewise. My collaborators on that site (as with this one) have been carrying it for quite some time as I wrestle with my book deadlines.
The book, The Power of Many, has its own blog as well.
I mentioned Telegraph already, right? It posts the excerpt or summary from every public blog on the Mediajunkie server whenever I get around to cranking out an update (sounds like a job for crontab, eh?)
I’ve also got a shell set up to import my Uncle John’s blog site from Blogger. It’s the last one I still run on Blogger and now I’m not in quite so much a hurry to complete the migration, although I did promise myself that I’d get everything into one database at some point before going off half-cocked with some newfangled publishing tool.
Those are just the blogs I post to (all my posts are aggregrated at a virtual blog called monolog which is just created by a special index template using GlobalEntries that most of my blogs know how to update.
The other writers I’m publishing with this single MT 2.661 installation include the four other authors here at Blogistan; five or six people with publishing privileges for Edgewise (two or three of us do most of the posting there); Briggs and Rich’s garden blog, True Dirt; Claudia Long’s scathing political site, The Great Divide; Elizabeth Spiers’ personal blog; Jeff Green’s spleen; Cecil Vortex; Martha Conway’s 12 Blog; my book editor, Pete Gaughan, who’s been keeping the Power of Many site fresh; a former contributor to my old FrontPage site; and two small children whose parents are friends of mine and whose blogs are off-limits to the public, for obvious reasons.
No money is changing hands for any of this. The Google ads don’t cover my lunch money. I do this for the love of it and because publishing is cool and because I like learning how to do things and because it keep me fresh as a writer and it’s wonderful to turn on a blog for someone (I also host people’s domains for them, such as Cecil and the Monkey Man’s Monkey Vortex Radio Theater, Marth’s, Elizabeth’s, Briggs’ Godetia, and so on.






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  1. gwen Avatar

    I *think* that under the latest definition of blog, since you’re compiling everything into monolog, it counts as one blog. Right?

  2. Building things Avatar


    34 blogs, 23 folks

  3. xian Avatar

    Yeah, I’m not really sure. They need to get their concepts straight. Monolog is just me, but Telegraph is everybody, so yeah, in a sense the whole thing is just one big blog, mang.

  4. c u l t u r e k i t c h e n Avatar

    How am I using MovableType?

    Six Log: How are you using the tool? This is the breakdown: Main Author : Liza1 blog, 2 sub-blogs; no additional authors Main Author : Mark 2 blogs; 3 authors Kudos for asking and on how you are dealing with the situation. Here’s my unrequested bit of …

  5. Building things Avatar


    34 blogs, 23 folks