Almost nanofamous

I was playing around with some of the implementations of Steven Johnson’s “googleshare” concept (What’s xian’s googleshare of ‘blogistan’, ‘mediajunkie’, ‘nanofame’) and I found I had to exclude a word (starts with nanot–) to avoid references to a nanotech research site called NanoFAME and get a more meaningful measurement.
The good news is that xian’s googleshare of nanofame is 77.78%.
The bad news is that the above link to the query terms will probably screening this particular post out of the sample. It’s all so Heisenberg.
(Ed, if I deplete your Google key I’ll lend you mine for a while.)






One response to “Almost nanofamous”

  1. Camilo Avatar

    Being almost nanofamous is only good if you get to hang out with the Angstroms, reading Baryon’s poetry and playing with the glueballs.