And ye shall judge them by what they say about John McCain

Got an email from the Kerry campaign Monday night pointing out this bit of unpleasantness:
One of the groups making the case that decorated war hero John Kerry is actually a cowardly, unpatriotic, Viet Cong-loving liar have also put up a lengthy post making the brutally detailed case for why decorated war hero John McCain is actually — whoa! surprise! — a cowardly, unpatriotic, Viet Cong-loving liar. (Why? Oh lots of reasons. I gather they don’t want McCain moving into the GOP VP slot. And the head of this group is angry with both McCain and Kerry for making peace with Viet Nam. And on and on.)
And you know, when I come across stuff like this, bits of trash that redefine southward — yet again — just how low some people appear eager to go, well it just sorta makes me hope there really is a hell. That’s all.