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Add Matt Welch to the eTech blog watch list:

Trippi especially, but also some panelists (which have also included good ol’ Doc Searls, and Cam Barrett, Dan Gillmor, Halley Suitt, Mitch Ratcliff, and’s interesting Wes Boyd), have used quite a bit of the “we,” and “us” and “you.” As in, “you really made this Dean campaign possible,” etc. (not a direct quote). The idea being (though I’m caricaturizing here), there’s just something about Cluetrain bloggy techism, insurgent populist campaigns & left-of-center political positions that go together like peas & carrots. Maybe that’s true, but I honestly suspect that it’s not. One of the best moments so far came when Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman made the point that some of the more active use of his site has been by dog owners, so they can have their “pug meetups,” and chihuahua festivals & whatnot. (Also, he said the fastest-growing sector now are Heritage Foundation groups.) Point is — this groovy tech business is allowing normal folks from wherever the hell to do what they like, and what they like is not going to necessarily lead logically to what some visionary Silicon Valley folks find to be of pressing concern.

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    I’d vote for a new post, which has greater notification value, but it depends on how substantial the new information.
    (In faceted blogging one could tag any group of entries as being related to a common subtheme, but we aren’t set up for that level of nuance in the categorization with MT here.)