Arise and walk

Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Sidney Blumenthal: America’s hidden vote:

Since 2002 … what can only be called a new Democratic party has been summoned into existence by extra-party groups. More than 100,000 activists are tramping through the precincts. In Ohio alone, more than 300,000 new Democratic voters have been added, Cecile Richards, director of America Votes, told me. These registrations of literally millions of new voters did not just happen; they were organised.
The polls, nearly all showing a dead-even race, fail to account for the new voters, who have no past records. They do not measure those for whom a mobile is their main phone – 6% of the population – who will vote Democrat by a margin of two-and-a-half to one.
The Democracy Corps poll, however, filters in newly registered voters. Four months ago, the newly registered made up only 1% of the sample. One month ago, they comprised 4%. Now they are at 7% and rising. And they will vote for Kerry over Bush by 61% to 37%.

Maybe the other side should stop mocking Edwards’ Lazarus act, in which he strongly implied that President Science would have helped Christopher Reeves get up and walk by any means necessary.
Seems that the Republicans have gotten sloppy about reinforcing their opponents message, the way Bush has made “Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time” into more of a mantra than Kerry was ever able to do.
It’s almost as if Bush, as Daffy Duck, has been tricked by Kerry as Bugs, who keeps “misplaying” that song until until Daffy finally can’t resist pushing him aside and saying, No, no, you’re doing it wrong and hitting the note with the booby trap attached.