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  • They laughed at Edison

    And they laughed at Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy. Personally, I think its essential that the Democracts compete across the entire country and stop ceding entire regions to the Republicans. For one thing, Red State Democrats are some of the most dedicated supporters the party has. It’s *easy* to be a Democrat in San Francisco. It’s […]

  • Let’s take South Dakota

    Let the Libertarians take over New Hampshire (quickly, though – it’s trending Blue). Let the religious nuts have South Carolina (Nick, we’ll find another home for you). Let’s take over South Dakota (apparently, it’s not that hard to do).

  • Love the man, part two says Karl Rove Has Zero Cred on National Security and quotes my favorite straight shooter, Howard Dean: > Karl Rove only has a White House job and a security clearance because President Bush has refused to keep his promise to fire anyone involved in revealing the identity of an undercover CIA operative. Rove’s political […]

  • It’s OK. Love the man.

    If you’re a Democrat, whatever your feelings about Howard Dean, it’s hard to watch this sequence and not, at least momentarily, love the man. Go on. Watch this video. I double-Democrat-dare you not to love him.

  • wonderful

    what a lovely night to be a Democrat. I’m just sitting here, watching the proposition results come in over on the CA secretary of state’s site. And those two Ys have switched over to Ns. And we’ve got the floor all set up for a clean sweep. And there’s Virginia! What a great state, Virginia. […]

  • My other adopted African child

    I just agreed to give $10 every month to the Democratic National Committee. And now I feel like I’ve now got another adopted child out there in the Sudanese desert, going to a new school, hopefully. Getting wells put in for clean water. All of that. I hope they send me a picture as my […]