I have taken to looking at the paper every day for articles about the place that harbored the people who attacked our country in the first place (remember afghanistan?), and it seems that nobody cares about it anymore. They are typically in the “and in other news” column, and the news is never good. Couldn’t find any today, but this evening found something on Yahoo about three or four attacks in various places in an attempt to disrupt the election on October 9.
Did you know they were about to have elections? Does Bush know? Does John Kerry know? Does anyone want to talk to us about it? Or are we just going to let it go to hell again?
I would love to see Kerry start attacking Bush on Afghanistan and start re-educating the people about it. But I’m sure that will just annoy people. Best just to keep it in the margins. Literally.
Well, at least the heroin trade will be booming.