Category: American Glasnost

  • Some dursn’t call it treason

    But the Editors have no such delicate scruples: If Rove were working for the CPUSA, the Constitution Party, or the Black Panther Party, I doubt anyone would have a problem calling him “traitor”. But he doesn’t: he works for the premier establishment political party, a party with tens of millions of blindly loyal partisans. Somehow, […]

  • Was Ari Fleischer the second leaker?

    Salon reports that, at least, it’s possible, even plausible.

  • What he don’t know won’t hurt him

    According to Editor and Publisher: Lawrence O’Donnell, the MSNBC analyst who first broke the Rove/Cooper link on Friday, wrote on the Huffington Post blog today, that Rove’s lawyer had “launched what sounds like an I – did – not – inhale defense. He told Newsweek that his client ‘never knowingly disclosed classified information.’ Knowingly. “Not […]

  • No time to go wobbly

    Last November I voted against torture. I voted against the party that was making excuses for, defending, and facilitating torture. I’m not particularly proud of myself for this, but I did wonder how others could convince themselves that supporting the party of torture was OK or justified or necessary. Now (Setting the bar, absolutely) I’m […]

  • Nondenial denials

    Holden at Eschaton is obsessed with the White House press corps’ daily gaggle: Q Why don’t you answer the question? Do we have secret detainees and is it possible that they could be subjected to the same treatment as in Baghdad prisons? MR. McCLELLAN: We work to address these issues that the Red Cross raises […]

  • Bananastand

    I have taken to looking at the paper every day for articles about the place that harbored the people who attacked our country in the first place (remember afghanistan?), and it seems that nobody cares about it anymore. They are typically in the “and in other news” column, and the news is never good. Couldn’t […]