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Now this is one useful colophon.
By the way, a huge supreme thanks to Pete Gaughan, who has been blogging the heck out of this space while I’ve been going through the throes of finishing the book (it’s at the printer now).
Pronounce gaw-hen (or, as I like to think of him, Pete Gone – that would be his beatnik/spy name), Pete is one of the greats as an editor, a thinker, and an aficionado of personal publishing, social media, and the living web. His enthusiasm for this subject matter, tempered by a keen sober eye for unsupported leaps of faith, made this book possible. Without him: nada.
Pete isn’t officially supposed to blog the book, although he is permanently welcome to post here and I’m hoping he continues as long as we all mutually feel that it’s a good use of one of my publisher’s most valuable resources (Pete’s time and his mind).
So, thanks Pete, for everything. I haven’t thanked you enough. Take a bow. You’ve had to box a few rounds with one hand tied behind your back and even then you’re one of the best at this.
I’ll get more prominent bylines into the design pronto.
I’d like to invite other guest posters to the blog as well. Any suggestions? Requests?
I can’t hear you!






One response to “BlogOn 2004 Blog resources page”

  1. Pete Avatar

    I’ve been embarrassed by this for a week, trying to think of how to respond, until I realized I need only say:
    Thanks. And, it was my pleasure.