BlogOn social media conf at Berkeley July 23 connects social networks and business

Susan Mernit and Mary Hodder have unveiled the BlogOn 2004 conference, scheduled for July 22 and 23 at Berkeley, bringing together business, media, and technical people interested in blogging, social media, social networks, syndication, and related topics (you know, all that “living web” stuff).
Here’s Susan’s writeup and here’s Mary’s.
Sponsors appear to include Six Apart, Knight Ridder, and Microsoft. The Haas School of Business is hosting the event. (Mary does interdisciplinary work that overlaps with the business school, the journalism school, and the information science department – Mary, please correct any misstatements!)
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One response to “BlogOn social media conf at Berkeley July 23 connects social networks and business”

  1. Pete Avatar

    xian, you beat me to the entry by 10 minutes.
    I was going to quote a graf from the event site (Yet, despite this phenomenal growth, no one company has prospered from blogging or social media. BlogOn will show you why this day is imminent. The real question is: Who will be in position to ride this new wave?) and then conclude with “New wave, hm? Cool; we like ‘next big thing’ism around here.”
    Also, they plan to include a blog-newbie training day–“boot camp”, a phrase that will be doing double duty that day, no doubt.