Book discussion on Kos today

· The Power of Many

After Jerome Armstrong posted a nice blurb about the book at MyDD and Daily Kos, a long discussion thread has ensued, mainly at dKos.
Stirling Newberry, of BOPnews (and formerly the Draft Clark movement) objects to our use of the word many in the book’s title, seeing it as code for old-school mass-media broadcasting (Daily Kos :: Comments The Power of Many).
I think he suggested the book should be called The Power of Spherical Networks, but I’m not sure that’s catchy enough.
As far as “calls to action” go, there’s also a great subdiscussion about how to go beyond blogging from behind a screen and get into actual organizing in the real world. This comment (Here is a list of things we need to do) itemizes a number of avenues that online activists can take to pursue their agenda beyond the blogs.
Note, of course, that Kos is a pro-Democrat site, but that grassroots-driven political reform is not inherently a matter of left or right ideology.