My interview on Bloomberg Radio

Yesterday I engaged in a long interview / discussion with Tom Moroney, one of the hosts of Simply Put, a politics-oriented show on Bloomberg Radio. We got into some fairly interesting areas, such as questions about whether the Internet is a social or antisocial medium, and how you can trust the credibility or authority of information sources that change from moment to moment (as opposed to, say, a newspaper, that goes to bed at night for better or worse).
The interview will air this Friday at noon in an hour-long slot. Simply Put airs nationwide on satellite radio: XM channel 129 or Sirius stream 102. In New York City, tune to 1130 on the AM dial. In the Hamptons, 96.7 FM.
You can also listen to the station online via its streaming feed.






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  1. Uncle T Avatar
    Uncle T

    Congratulations! It went very well and you should use it as a marketing tool by making it available to your blog readers. If the station can’t give you a tape, maybe someone out there was able to record your interview, which I was barely able to pick up on my crystal set.