Book tour about to begin in NY

I’m heading to New York this Saturday night so I can cover the Republican National Convention for this (and a few other) weblogs and then, after the Labor Day weekend, help support the official publication launch of the book.
The book will be available in stores starting September 1, but we are timing the publicity release for just after the Labor Day weekend. I’ll be in New York at least all of that week, available to do media interviews, signings, balloon animals, and scary-clown photography

Sometime that week there will probably also be a small little exclusive book party for people who’ve been intimately involved with the project or are close friends or are otherwise exceedingly interested in the book or able to shed p.r. light on its existence. I’ll contact people directly about that and report about it afterward.
There will be a larger party later in September in San Francisco for the local folks who’ve supported the book or who write about related subjects or who manage to make any scene worth making.
I’d also like to do some general socializing and networking while I’m in New York, so if you know me from my blogs or my books or my real life, drop me a line and let’s try to hook up between Aug 29th and Sep 11 (my return date is still potentially in flux).
My virtual band, The Reuben Kincaid, will also be woodshedding that week, with xourmas-y xourmas dropping beats and adding raw guitar to my ukulele and vocalese musings. If anyone wants to jam, you have to be better than me, which has so far excluded nobody and probably never will.