i <3 Orcinus

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Thank goodness for David Neiwert. He isn’t attracting the most attention among the scholars, journalists, and bloggers rebutting FOX-pundit Michelle Malkin’s defense of Japanese-American internment, but as always he is providing long-form cogent detailed critiques and summaries that will help anyone get up to speed on the relevant issues without having to grovel fruitlessly around the blogosphere and the tabloid web for splintered shadows of history:
Orcinus on Malkin, dual citizenship and profiling
some administrivia….
I didn’t file this under Republicans – I think I need a new category for antifascism. We’re all on guard against creeping authoritarian communism*
oh, and a reminder to edgewise contributors and readers. I’m going to New York this weekend to cover the convention from the city. We will be quoted and aggregrated in various places and so anyone who wants to write about the convention should please pitch in and do so.
* and the online conservatarian wingnuts are even policing the nation’s thought for anything they consider that smacks of socialism which, since they use it to mean any manifestation of the state whatsoever ** includes a large fraction of the current Bush administration’s activities under its umbrella.
** aside from the libertarian exceptions for homeland defense and probably some kind of magical property right *** – I have to admit I’m not up on the fine details of libertarianism. Was Vidal exaggerating when he said on Terry Gross “The libertarians are against traffic lights. I favor traffic lights.”
*** – so, effectively, anything to the left of Birch is socialism, also known as communism, a.k.a the French are coming!