Book Tour: October in Austin

· The Power of Many

Now that review copies have been sent out to the first wave of media we are starting to get calls for in-studio appearances in New York around the time of the book’s launch (September 1).
So the book tour is going to start there in New York in the end of August. I’ll stay in the city through the Republican National Convention and then probably return home for a San Francisco book party and some down time at home before heading off to Austin in October and D.C. later that month, right before the election.
I’ve found in the past that planning my travel publicly works well. People who can see that they’ll be in New York in early September can let me know in advance and we can try to hook up for socializing or for work, as the case may be.
And to file under Eating our own dogfood, I’ve posted the transcript from a chat with two guys from EFF-Austin who’ve offered to help me plan a book release party in Texas (davesnunez and jonl) on the book’s wiki.