Bread in a can

Bread in a Can

Bread in a Can

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on 31 Dec 69, 4.00pm PST

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Well, I’m posting this partly just to test the flickr-to-weblog interface but also because there’s something indescribably delicious about the idea of bread-in-a-can.






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  1. Karen Capel Avatar

    I was surprised to see your picture of “bread in a can.” My mother used to buy this stuff in the 50s and 60s (think Jane Wyatt and Robert Young) to serve with her homemade Boston baked beans. She cooked these beans in a heavy crockery “bean pot” (no kidding, Karen) in the oven. Molasses and pieces of bacon and god knows what else went in to it. When it was ready to serve and eat, and she’d get out the “bread in a can” and slice it into six or eight slices. Slather it with a thick coating of butter and eat with the baked beans. It’s a rich, dark bread of substance. Unless it’s changed and gone to hell like everything else seems to have done. It’s also quite unique…the bread in a can is.
    What’s your book about? I’m trying to write about my trip to the River Styx and my dance with the devil, which is not much of an exaggeration. I just happened upon your blog by accident.
    Karen in Champaign IL