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Some nice candids from the conference.
We’re in the final session (“Who’s investing in social media?”) and Anna Zomosa just asserted that craigslist is “making millions.”
At the lunch break I got into an interesting conversation with Buzz Bruggeman (no relation to Buzznet…) who demoed me his fascinated ActiveWords product for Windows.
Sadly, this meant they ran out of box lunches before I got there, so I went down to Telegraph and got a slice of Blondie’s pizza and then hoofed it back up the hill.
Finally got to meet Judith Meskill. Noticed that the Technorati borg has absorbed Tantek and Cheyenne.
And Tantek is bailing on tonight’s dinner – it looks like about 60 people are heading over to the Pyramid Brewery in less than an hour. It should be a zoo.
Question asked on the panel: Are we in for a social networking bubble in the next few months?
Answer: Yes, “Too many dollars chasing too few good deals.”
Om: Maybe the VC industry is broken.