Call for essays: CyberSounds

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Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 13:58:18 -1000
Call for Chapters-
Cybersounds: Essays on Virtual Music Culture
Edited by Michael D. Ayers, New School for Social Research, New York City
Call for Chapters
There is no doubt that the Internet has the ability to shape and transform the art fields. The popular culture art forms- Film, Television and Music have found their specific homes in cyberspace, but out of the big three, music has found the most controversial space to say the least.
In the post MP3 scare[*], this volume seeks to examine the role of cyberspace in the cultural production, creation and transformation in the way which society consumes and uses music in its various forms.
This volume seeks to examine music and cyberspace, utilizing theoretical perspectives from cultural studies, sociology, cyberculture studies, feminist perspectives and media studies
Suggested submission topics include, but not limited to:

  • How cyberspace challenges/confirms traditional production of music cultures
  • Online music (sub)cultures vs. Real Life (sub)music cultures
  • Musical genre manifestations online
  • Theoretical perspectives on the digitalization of music
  • Theoretical perspectives of consuming music through cyberspace
  • Case/Comparative studies of fan groups and fan identity in cyberspace
  • Quantitative studies on downloaders
  • Artist/Audience Interactions online
  • The Political Economy of Digital Music
  • Politics of Digital Music

Chapters should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, 12 point font, double spaced. Essays should be in the range of 7500 – 10,000 words with references in ASA style.
Send submissions and inquires to michael.ayers [at]
[*] It could be argued that we are now entering in a “phase two” MP3 scare with the recent RIAA threats on suing individual file sharers.






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