Camper Van Beethoven gear stolen in Montreal

Spread the word. Let’s help them get their equipment back.
(via MZ, who adds: “This stinks.”)

>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 11:07:59 -0700 (PDT)
>From: “J. Segel”
>Subject: [BA-NEWMUS:14634] stolen gear
>To: “Bay Area New Music Discussion”
>hey i don’t know if anybody knows anybody up here in montreal, but:
>all of camper van beethoven’s guitars and violin and our merch got stolen last night in montreal. if anybody has any contacts up here, tell them to look for our stuff in stores. or hunt down the robbers and kill them.
>jonathan’s violin with stickers all over it
>jonathan’s 1971 strat (sunburst) (with a couple stickers, etc.)
>victor’s 1969 precision bass (natural finish)
>david’s green charvel surfcaster
>david’s black jackson surfcaster
>a couple ibanez acoustics
>johnny’s black eric clapton strat
>greg’s frankenstein strat (black) and tele (tobacco sunbusrst) (warmoth esp or something)
>plus mike duclos’ precision bass and ezster balint’s gibson sg and danelectro semi acoustic.
>maybe more.. not sure yet.
>a few tshirts and a road case of cds. including the email list we collected last night, preventing this from going out to montreal fans!
>and i liked this city!
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  1. John - CVB webmaster Avatar

    Hey – thanks for getting the word around, pass this link around too:
    cvb gear stolen
    It is the up to date list with numbers and pics for the gear that was stolen.