Card's Locke

Alex Havalais points out that Orson Scott Card had a character blogging back in 1994:

“I’ve been studying history,” Peter said. “I’ve been learning things about patterns in human behavior. There are times when the world is rearranging itself, and at times like that, the right words can change the world…”

– Peter Wiggin in Ender’s Game, on why he is beginning to blog.






2 responses to “Card's Locke”

  1. xian Avatar

    Needless to say, Card didn’t use the word blog. In fact, ten years ago I thought Ender’s Game was a pretty fair description of Usenet. ‘Twas ever thus.
    I do like the way some of the prominent political bloggers are using the technique Ender and his sister use as did the writers of the Federalist Papers: classical pseudonyms. In the blogosphere, we have Hesiod (just retired), Tacitus, Atrios, and no doubt others.

  2. Pete Avatar

    Including, of course, Demosthenes himself.