Challenging the ‘undecided’ majority

All this talk about the dwindling undecideds and their seeming inability to get with the polarization program has led me to think that maybe the sense of urgency that is driving both left and right activists this year is a form of common ground we can build on.
Maybe I should try to get my pinko friends and my wingnut buddies together into an Activist party or a Decided Party. They disagree on what to do, but they all agree it’s important.
The undecideds endless profiled in newspapers with their statistically arbitrary views don’t necessarily represent the silent majority of eligible voters who vote every four years by not voting.
Maybe the 52% not voting were saying “we don’t care – status quo is OK – we don’t think we have anything to add.”
The Undecided party was in the majority, but depending on how many vote this year, we Decideds may actually get a majority of eligible voters this year. Win or lose, that might be a step in the right direction.
In that spirit of unipartisanship, permit me to point you to a bit of found sound that might make even the most hard-hearted liberal bleed a bit for a man who’s gotten in over his head.