Too many realities?

I’ve always felt that presidential elections are, on one level, a competition between narratives. In one sense, people vote for a story, not necessarily for a protagonist or even an ending.
We’ve seen that supporters of the two parties each are looking at almost entirely different realities. Last Sunday the Suskind article in the Times reported an unnamed White House official scoffing at a reality-based journalist and suggesting that as an empire, “we” are now able to create new realities simply by acting.
(Total tangent: does anyone have the film rights to Nine Princes in Amber?)
Jay Rosen is trying to lasso a long list of seemingly related ideas into a coherent thought in PressThink: Too Much Reality: Is There Such a Thing? and he’s asking for help.
Drop by his comments and add one more reality to the mix. Or if you really want to help him out, maybe subtract one. Otherwise, I’m afraid we may never be able to boil it all down into something graspable.