Dean IT team launches Blue State Digital

Clay Johnson, late of the Dean campaign, just sent this press release to his “friends” and “friends of friends”:

Christian > Clay 3/11/2004
from: Clay
to: friends of friends
subject: Dean Internet Team Launches Blue State Digital
message: WASHINGTON, D.C.–Key members of Howard Dean’s internet team today launched a consulting firm to bring their expertise to Democratic candidates and progressive political organizations. Blue State Digital, LLC, will use the tools and expertise that Howard Dean used to raise more than $50 million and organize hundreds of thousands of volunteers to help Democratic candidates, advocacy groups, and non-profit organizations nationwide empower their people.
“Howard Dean changed politics,” said Clay Johnson, Blue State Digital co-founder and lead grassroots software programmer for the Dean campaign. “He proved that the Internet can not only raise tremendous amounts of money, it can also empower and engage people. We are here to help candidates and organizations harness this power to win elections and create positive change.”
By combining years of experience in technology with a deep political knowledge and passion, the people of Blue State Digital will provide clients with cutting-edge tools and techniques to tap the enormous fundraising, communications, and organizing potential of the internet. Blue State Digital will offer clients tools, services, and support that are right for them — not a cookie-cutter solution.
For more information:
Blue State Digital, LLC
(202) 250-3420