Blogging a book in progress

Over at Napsterization, Mary Hodder notes that a number of writers who are seeking input from readers on their blogs for works in progress (this, by the way, is an approach that we are thus far too timid to try).
This vaguely open-source approach enables the writer to incorporate the feedback and suggestions of many minds in advance of publication.
She includes links to Dan Gillmor’s draft introduction and first chapter from Making the News, J.D. Lasica’s blog entry Looking for feedback on book chapters, and John Battelle’s Searchblog, a book companion, and Jay Rosen’s Weblogs: An Extremely Democratic Form of Journalism, a draft chapter from the upcoming O’Reilly Extreme Democracy collection, which is itself adapted from the most popular post from his PressThink weblog so far, “ten things radical about the weblog form in journalism.”