Does this website make me look technical?

· The Power of Many

A friend and mentor of mine in local East Bay politics took a look at the website for this book and told me it gave him the impression that the book was quite technical.
While the book deals with technology, it focuses squarely on people and how they interact and work together in groups to accomplish common goals. It’s about people and not wires and circuits and standards and protocols. It does discuss technology, though, and that’s one reason why there’s a glossary, but I write in plain English (as plain as I can make it, with my Irish heritage, that is) and I describe the ways groups of people are living together on the web by telling stories and anecdotes and by quoting interesting people.
This is not an engineering text!
So, a question for readers. What can I do to this website to make it seem more humane and less geeky?