Effervescing Elephant (take 7)

By Jove, I do believe I’m getting a real feel for this song, Effervescing Elephant, by Syd Barret, played and sung by me, xian. Needs keybs… Cecil? Help me dethickenize the mix!
(Update: Compare with the much more straight-ahead if rushed and frightened sounding take six of this same tune. Need general category.)






4 responses to “Effervescing Elephant (take 7)”

  1. Pete Avatar

    Nice job. You succesffuly ruined a classic SEVEN times.

  2. Dan Avatar

    Hey, I’m sorry to say this to you because you may be working hard at trying to make something sound good, but your version of this song is, well, to put it kindly, it just plain stinks. It is really, really, really, bad. Listening to it actually made me angry with you; this is how bad it is. Please try and fix it. Thank You.

  3. xian Avatar

    I would advise you not to listen to it.

  4. Carly Avatar

    what the fuck was that?
    shame on you.