Essence of the breakfast

Liberal Oasis reports on the blogger breakfast, picking up on the contrast between Walter Mears defense of journalistic ideal of objectivity vs. Howard Dean’s observation that these days opinions masquerades as news on the front pages of some of our most prestigious papers.
Dean also made it clear that he really gets it that the significance of blogging to politics is the two-way nature of the communication, not simply the ability to communicate directly with voters, routing around the corporate press or even the much-heralded fundraising breakthroughs pioneered by his campaign.
(Dean even cited McCain’s success raising money via the Web after his surprise victory over George W. Bush in 2000 as an antecedent, something I touch on briefly in the second chapter of the book.)
Oh, and between a charming interview with a Harvard Crimson reporter and my posting of this entry, Al Gore’s just been giving his low-carb speech. From up here it seemed to hit many of just hte right notes – touching on the still-raw sore of this party’s electoral debacle in the last election mostly with gentle good humor and questioning the veracity of the show of moderationthe Republicans put on at their last Convention.