Good soundbite from Carter

“the super-rich and their army of lobbyists in Washington.”






One response to “Good soundbite from Carter”

  1. Seth Avatar

    Hey Christian! Hope you’re having fun and enjoying the energy.
    I’m telling all the bloggers this, but here’s my unsolicited advice/request:
    Get out of the ‘bloggers’ nest,’ or whatever they’re calling the gilded cage they’ve got you in. Go talk to actual delegates, the rank and file Democrats, even if you have to do interviews in the hall. We’re the party of the people – go talk to them.
    Ask them what they need most to succeed when they go back to their homes and communities. What tools will help them win? Do they need better phone lists? more volunteers? web site hosting? yard signs?
    Cut through all the meta-bull and get real. For example, everyone is talking about the NY Times magazine article about rebuilding the party. As Mitch Kapor pointed out, though, “when investors lead entrepreneurs it’s a very dangerous sign.”
    If we’re going to re-engineer the party, and engage in all this self-criticism, let’s start with meeting the real needs on the ground. Well then, let’s get some specifics while we have a good focus group in town.
    Thanks for listening.