Fabulous George

· 2004 Election

On McLehrer today Zbigniew Brzezinksy (sp?) reported from the late water’s-edge consensus (cold war, new world order, remember?) to remind us all that our government has undermined the crediblity of the words “weapons of mass destruction” and that we should be careful not to debase “sovereignty” as well starting on June 30.
He then referred to the administration’s form of language as “Aesopian,” saying that it appeals to his core but does not communicate well to the world community.
How interesting, I thought. Zbig is talking about fables, tall tales from this Bizarro world (the one I woke up in on electiion day 2000, the one with a script written by Philip K. Dick in which the star of Philip K. Dick movies becomes the governor of California by using the arts of showbusiness fame to move polls) that the president and his true believers inhabit.
Fables, I thought. He is pointing out that the language is fabulous.
Hey, wait…. Isn’t fabulous one of George Bush’s favorite words? Let’s ask Google.