Gillmor on Iraq the Model and the new Spirit of America-sponsored Arabic language weblog tool

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Quoting from An Honor:

I just had the honor of introducing some extraordinary people to a Silicon Valley audience. They were Jim Hake, CEO and founder of Spirit of America, which I wrote about last spring. His operation is bringing help from U.S. citizens to people who need it in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it’s worth your time to look at it.
The stars of the lunch program, however, were Omar and Mohammed Ali, two of three brothers who have been writing the Iraq the Model blog for over a year. It’s an on-the-ground look at conditions they’re seeing in a nation that’s seen so much horror.
They’re working on a citizen journalism project for coverage of the upcoming elections. I wish them well on that and hope I can help in some small way.
They have a leg up on this project because there’s a new Arabic-language blogging tool, funded by Spirit of America, which will host blogs — free of charge — for people in the Arabic-speaking Middle East. Nice work by all.