Go forth and Multiply? Hold on a sec…

Brian Dear wonders who is behind Multiply (brianstorms weblog: Multiply? Subtract 1.):

You know what? A customer should not have to search high and low to find out simple things like this. Of all the kinds of web businesses, SOCIAL NETWORK businesses really owe it to their customers to share some of their information about themselves. I mean, be real – how is a company going to start being trusted by customers without their knowing a thing about who’s behind it?

I joined the network myself as it’s kind of my job right now to stay on top of these things, but I haven’t invited nybody in for exactly the reasons Brian mentions. Why is it so hard to find out who is behind the business? Why not more transparency?






7 responses to “Go forth and Multiply? Hold on a sec…”

  1. Rayne Avatar

    My speculation is that Multiply is doing some competitive work now, laying groundwork before it exposes its parentage.
    When I registered I noticed something interesting in the process; maybe it was a fluke, but it sure seemed to know already I was a Yahoo! user…

  2. Rayne Avatar

    xian — I did a little homework on this.
    Anybody want to get my back on this and double-check it?

  3. Rayne Avatar

    Hey…I posted more findings along with a Mea Culpa:
    After posting I wondered whether the “Michael Gersh” that’s the “co-founder” of Multiply, Inc. is the same “Michael Gersh” that turns up in the first handful of entries when Googled…

  4. judith Avatar

    definitely not the sam michael’s gersh… know that for a fact… (:

  5. peter Avatar

    i think you guys are behind it. nothing like a good controversy to get people’s attention. :-)

  6. Rayne Avatar

    Oh Peter, if only. I could use a cut of the action if this flipped to a commercial community.
    It’s just getting my curiosity all juiced up, wondering what becomes of a community that cannot stay “free” over time. What exactly would motivate a community to become so damned loyal that they’d pay to stay and play?