Gone to Alabama, with a monkey on my back

Russ Baker reports on the fortunate son/black sheeps’ doings in Houston and Alabama that surrounded his apparently incomplete service in the Air National Guard in the Nation.
Apparently he was having trouble flying the planes he was trained on, getting into trouble, and unwilling to take a physical exam:

One middle-aged woman whose general veracity could be confirmed told me that she met Bush in 1968 at Hemisphere 68, a fair in San Antonio, at which he tried to pick her up and offered her a white powder he was inhaling. She was then a teenager; Bush would have just graduated from Yale and have been starting the National Guard then. “He was getting really aggressive with me,” she said. “I told him I’d call a policeman, and he laughed, and asked who would believe me.”

Still, I say it’s not the drugs, it’s not the shirking of duty, it’s not Vietnam, it’s not the National Guard: it’s the dishonesty.