YA clueless SNS

I received a spam invitation to join a SNS, but then they wouldn’t let me in…

The service is called ZeroDegrees and it is currently free.

In the most basic sense, the service is a tool that maps the relationships between people. It






2 responses to “YA clueless SNS”

  1. Dan Keldsen Avatar

    Christian – Amen to that. Received the same message several months ago.
    Folks, multi-platform coding via honest to god web standards is far easier than coding into a corner for a specific instantiation of a browser, even if it is “the market leader.”
    Reminds me of “Any color you like, as long as it’s black.”
    BTW: I’m speaking on Social Networking at our event in San Diego – http://www.bpx2004.com – for those who are interested.

  2. Carl Gistout Avatar

    “…certain browsers is like opening ….”
    Cited as quotable metaphors-analogies in Metaphor-Analogy Archive”.
    Thank you.