Good news for Dems in Pennsylvania

From my cousin Sean: Philadelphia Daily News | 10/11/2004 | Voter registration up in Pa.:

Biggest surge in urban areas and on college campuses
With new registrations in the city running 9-1 Democratic, that could add somewhere close to 100,000 extra voters for the Kerry ticket. With statewide turnout likely to be in the vicinity of 5 million voters, that could add two percentage points for the Democrats.
Statewide, the total number of registered voters in Pennsylvania was said to be hitting 8 million, much higher than the 7.7 million registered to vote in the state’s April primaries or the 7.8 million who were registered to vote in 2000.
Officials said earlier this month that counties were inundated with registration forms – so much so that Officials were working overtime and on Saturdays to handle them all.
Without final numbers, they said statewide tally seemed to be leaning Democratic. Democrats already had a roughly 500,000-voter edge over Republicans this past spring.