I misplaced Joe Scarborough

My publicist sent out a press release today relating The Power of Many to the online post-debate spin efforts discussed in an entry I posted after the first debate.
In it, she quoted mistakenly affiliating Joe Scarborough with FOX when in fact his show is aired by MSNBC. I’m sorry for this error I made in haste.
(A FOX newscaster personally alerted my publicist to the error via email, which is kind of cool in and of itself.)
I hate making mistakes, especially in public! Anyway, I apologize to FOX and to MSNBC as well as to Mr. Scarborough.
Here’s the corrected paragraph for the press release:

After the vice presidential debate, conservative cable talk-show host Joe Scarborough mentioned that he’d gotten “in trouble” after calling the first debate for Kerry, presumably either by a concerted campaign of criticism from his Fox MSNBC viewers or from his higher-ups at the network. Either way, the growing media savvy of the audience and its desire to play an active role in managing the post-debate spin is a perfect example of the power of many at work.