Hack in a nutshell

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in my day....
Trolling around the first floor looking for interviews I passed Sam Donaldson giving an interview to a local radio dj. Without being too obvious, I tried to look at the marmoset that lives on his head. I thought for sure it was a rug but now I’m thinking it really may just be an outrageous combover, or a toupé designed to look like an outrageous combover.
Anyway, as I got close I heard him trotting out the same old tired interpretation: “There’s no suspense. There are no floor fights.” (Paging Jay Rosen.)
The radio jock was eating it up. He asked if Donaldson might tell him some stories of exciting conventions he’d covered in the past, but I don’t think that line of questioning went anywhere, because as I was walking away I heard Donaldson had changed the subject to “shove it.”