How an unconscionable punishment became an enlightened incentive.

· long story short

DKo: Boldface is mine.
USA TODAY, 6-22-04
On Nov. 27, 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved 17 “Category Two” interrogation techniques….He also approved one “Category Three” technique,…”non-injurious physical contact.”….Rumsfeld rejected three proposed Category Three techniques: exposure to cold weather or water;…
DKo: So in November, punishment by exposure to cold was unconscionable, not allowed even with special approval.
NYT, 6-22-04
On April 16, 2003, Mr. Rumsfeld narrowed the list of approved techniques. He permitted 24 …, but stipulated that 4 of them required his explicit approval. They involved using incentives to cooperate, like offering hot showers in the winter,…
DKo: As we know now, prolonged sessions naked, in front of high-powered air conditioners were also in the mix. “Hey, we never laid a finger on the guy!”
They speak of these things as “use of rewards or removal of privileges.” Rumsfeld euphemasia –a Kevorkian of American decency.